Zanu PF dumps Mutinhiri


Zanu PF says it cannot help its senior official, Tracy Mutinhiri, who claims her life is in danger from party members who have accused her of being a sellout.

Mutinhiri, the Deputy Minister of Labour, is reportedly being accused of not signing the anti-sanctions petition and voting against the party’s candidate Simon Khaya Moyo for the post of Speaker of Parliament last week.

Party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo told NewsDay that Mutinhiri had better live with her conscience because there was nothing Zanu PF could do for her.

However, he said he was unaware of the allegations Mutinhiri was being accused of but went on to say:

“She must live with her conscience. There is nothing we can do as a party. I don’t know who she voted for (during last week elections) because the ballots were secret so I don’t know what she is saying.”

Mutinhiri said she was being harassed by members of her party in her constituency (Marondera-Seke) who were scuttling her projects and literally chasing her from the party.

Gumbo, however, said he was unaware of such developments.

“I don’t know, but she must exercise her role as an MP. That is why she was voted for,” Gumbo said. Last week, Mutinhiri said she had received calls from anonymous people threatening her.

“I am living in fear,” said a petrified Mutinhiri. “I am being accused of having voted ‘wrongly’ during the election for the Speaker of Parliament last week. My life is in danger.”

She is the former wife of Retired Brigadier Ambrose Mutinhiri who once served as Youth minister.