Sores of Emmanuel DVD hangs in the balance


It is a year after the release of local movie Sores of Emmanuel, which was shown on big screen, but the producers of the film have failed to take it to the mass market.

For the second time the release of the movie’s DVD has failed to materialise.

After failing to release the DVD in December 2010 as promised the movie Director, Edmore Ndlovu says it would be released in March after claiming to have had complications related to distribution.

They have now pushed the release date to end of this month.

“It is unfortunate that things have had to go this way.

Our former distributors, Orit Films from UK had planned to first distribute the DVD in various countries outside Zimbabwe before distributing it locally but they failed which caused this delay,” said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu says after such a failure they have recently engaged a local distributing company and that they are certain that the DVD would definitely be distributed end of this month.

He says they had put so much trust in their UK-based distributors because they knew they would have had great mileage if the movie had been known in other countries as well.

“The DVD launch will take place in the capital end of April and this time it is for real because after that in May we will be shooting our latest movie titled Goodbye Lucky, a story on the lives of orphans,” says Ndlovu.

Ndlovu says their deal with Orit films is very good but they can no longer take their timing and delays because of the pressure they are now facing from local audience.

“People from Orit Films kept telling us that most of the popular venues in the UK they had targeted for the DVD launch had already been booked for other premieres thus they could only postpone the launch to later dates which was no longer acceptable to the local audience,” he says.

Sores of Emmanuel is one of locally made movies that managed to grab massive attention from local audiences in 2010 when it was shown in cinemas.