Munya, Gopal to co-star in local movie


South Africa-based Zimbabwean actor Leroy Gopal will join hands with Munyaradzi Chidzonga in an upcoming film that is set to commence shooting in May.

While preferring to keep the name and rest of movie cast under wraps, writer and director Joe Njagu, revealed auditions for the movie will commence in the next two weeks.

Njagu was with Munya and Lobola production designer Wanisayi Mujeyi at the Midlands State University where they delivered a public lecture on film making at the invitation of the university’s Theatre Arts department.

Njagu who also wrote and directed the film Lobola, in which Munya stars, said the new movie whose setting is between South Africa and Zimbabwe, will also feature actors from the two countries.

“What I can assure people is that this movie will be much better than Lobola in every way. We have new equipment for shooting and also there are more established actors like (Leroy) Gopal and others, so it would be a great project,” said Njagu.

“So far everything is going according to plan. We are holding auditions in two weeks’ time and then start shooting sometime in May.

“Right now what I can only say about the movie is that it is an action drama film about mistaken identity, corruption and redemption.”

The combination between Munya and Gopal promises to bring a refreshing end to the local film industry since the two have made names in different ways.

Munya recently starred in Lobola after making headlines for narrowly missing the Big Brother Africa prize while Gopal, who became popular with a lead role in locally produced Yellow Card, has done very well in South Africa.