Mbira star to collaborate with international artists


Young and talented nyunganyunga mbira star Taku Mafika, in German on a two month internship programme, has promised to bring a new dimension to his music.

He says Mbira music should go a long way in unifying various countries artistically and such a development would be a great achievement for the country.

He is expected to attend a number of workshops on music during his stay in Germany, where his primary focus would be a programme on video reporting.

In a correspondence on a social online network after his 13-hour flight to Germany last week, the “mbira prince” as he is now called in local circles, said there was need for artists from various continents to work together and create strong synergies through their projects.

The former Midlands State University, Music and Musicology student is expected to spend two months on an internship programme of video reporting in Germany and this may see him coming home with a few more projects just like his popular Chikuru Rudo video.

Mafika said: “The only way for musicians to break their financial woes and gain more knowledge is by working with other musicians.”

He is currently working with various top artists in different arts projects ranging from poetry, dance and music. Recently he took part on a number of shows featuring Selmor Mutukudzi and Tendai Manatsa including their recent live DVD recording at the 7Arts Theatre in Avondale.

“People from different locations and backgrounds but music unify them all. There are always common facets in music from different cultures.”

He is expected to do private and public shows on the sidelines of his studies.

“I am also hoping to talk to record labels, agents and promoters because I am due to release my second album soon I will collaborate with artists from Zimbabwe and Europe.”