Inspiration from King Solomon


The biblical Solomon has been regarded as one man who had wisdom greater than any man who ever lived.

The wisdom that he espoused is still as relevant in the current dispensation as it had been during the time he lived.

I had a rare opportunity to be awarded an exclusive interview with the king of great wisdom and found it necessary to share with readers his wisdom as it can help us lead better lives.

NM: It’s a great honour to be afforded such a precious moment to speak to you on the nuggets of life.

King Solo: Thank you for coming over. Whatever you seek, you stand to find and when you knock, the door will be opened for you. How can I help you, young man?

NM: I wanted to find out on some nuggets of wisdom that can help me and my colleagues in the 21st century considering the challenges we face. In addition, is the wisdom that helped you in your time still relevant now?

King Solo: Wisdom is universal and it never turns old. What worked centuries ago is still very applicable so long you use it right. Challenges are a way of life. The person with wisdom stands a greater chance of dealing with problems that crop up. A life devoid of challenges is not worth living. It is more enjoyable when a person faces their challenges head-on. There is indeed pleasure to the person who possesses wisdom when problems crop up. The starting point to greatness and influence is hinged upon acquiring as much wisdom and knowledge as is practically possible. Never tire in aligning yourself with the changes taking place around you. The moment you start to acquire wisdom, people will find their way to your place to tap into what you know.

NM: Wise King, I feel greatly humbled, but by what means can this wisdom be acquired?

King Solo: Very good question. Wisdom is not obtainable in the educational curriculum as most people have been made to think. There is immense knowledge in the byways and highways of life. Some of the greatest wisdom is gotten from the flora and fauna of the world. Through mere observation of God’s great art of creation, you are bound to become wise. This doesn’t mean that I am sidelining books. What others have learnt and written down is going to help you a great deal. What I am not happy with is the academic qualifications that you have regarded as wisdom yet deeper analysis reveals that the person holding the paper is ignorant to say the least and stupid on the other extreme. Some of the wisest men and women are not found in the universities of the world. The influence of these wise people is in fact the subject of study in the universities and colleges across the world. What is better, to be the subject of study because you have influenced others greatly or to be the one busy analysing how the great did it and you never become great at the end of the day?

NM: Profound words indeed. I only wish my fellow professors, politicians and managers were here to listen for themselves. Probably on lighter note, King, I am told there is a queen who travelled a long distance to come to your palace and she asked you some hard questions. Would you be at liberty to share with me one of the questions that you were asked and how you responded?

King Solo: Indeed, the queen came and she proved to be a bunch of wisdom in her own right. The manner through which she asked shows that any serious world citizen should have an inquisitive mind. Without a mind inclined to get answers from life’s problems, nothing much will accrue to you.
Back to your question, the queen asked me this question: “What is it? An enclosure with 10 doors; when one is open, nine are shut, and when nine are open, one is shut?” Such a question is only asked by a person with a sound mind and great wisdom. Now, would you want to attempt that before I tell you how I responded.

NM: Well, I would rather not expose my foolishness. I can only know if you tell me, oh most excellent king.

King Solo: This is how I responded. The enclosure is the womb, and the 10 doors are the 10 openings of man, namely his eyes, his two ears, two nostrils, mouth, the apertures for discharge of excreta and urine and the navel. When the child is still in the mother’s womb, the navel is open, but when the child issues from the womb, the navel is closed and the other orifices are open.

NM: Quite interesting; We were never taught this in school.

King Solo: Indeed the school system lacks the capacity to teach such things. The best wisdom and knowledge is learnt in the school of life. Application of life lessons to life problems will propel you to the highest level in any field of endeavour.

NM: I think with the limited time at our disposal, I would ask you to share with me the nuggets of living a fulfilling life that you mastered in your own time. I won’t interject.

King Solo: There are a number of things I can talk about but probably let me share with you some inspirational nuggets that can take you places.

• Your present state is not final, it is only temporary. What appears to be the end of the road is only a bend.

• A loaded pistol not used is useless and a seed not sown never produces after its own kind.

• Aspire to acquire the desire you admire. Never tire until you grab in your hand those things you cherish.

• What you picture is what you capture. As long as you have no vision, you are heading nowhere.

• What you can’t confront, you can’t control. There are situations that require that you face head-on.

• Don’t relax until you have acquired something worthwhile for civilisation.

• Your mountains need your voice. There is power in the word of your mouth.

• Indecision and procrastination are twin brothers. Kill this pair before going far.

• Death is not a tragedy; but unfulfilled life is. The cemetery has a sweet day feasting on great people who died little.

• A man’s greatest enemy is always within. What you think is exactly what you become.

NM: I think I have to interject. I can see you have loads to share with me. Considering the Proverbs you wrote, I presume the nuggets of inspiration get to thousands. Maybe, I would ask for the last piece of wisdom that you consider very important at this juncture before we call it off.

King Solo: How you finish your game is more important than how you start. Focus on the ultimate and not the immediate.

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