MPs demand parking fee exemption


Members of Parliament are calling on local authorities to exempt them from paying parking fees and to stop immobilising their vehicles as this disrupted the execution of their duties.

The MPs voiced their concerns during a workshop organised by the Zimbabwe Local Government Association and the Parliament of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo on Saturday.

Murewa West MP Ward Nezi said MPs were busy and did not want their programmes disrupted through immobilising of their vehicles by the local authorities.

“MPs are experiencing problems with local authorities that immobilise their vehicles. We are busy people who would be running around to sort things out for the people only to find our vehicles immobilised. This is disturbing us,” said Nezi.

He said the practice was widespread in Harare where MPs said their vehicles were immobilised frequently.

Nezi’s remarks were echoed by Chikomba Central MP Moses Jiri who said as MPs they were not against vehicles parking laws, but were concerned that in terms of present parking laws, the MPs should be exempted from the immobilising.

“We appreciate convenient parking and the councils must provide parking bays where people park and have no interruption in business. But our major concerns are that MPs’ vehicles must be exempted from the immobilisation,” said Jiri.

Harare chamber secretary Josephine Ncube said: “It is not provided for in the local authorities by-laws that MPs’ vehicles should be exempted from immobilisation. This needs to be debated by the local authorities if such a measure should be taken.”

She said only former mayors, city aldermen and serving councillors’ vehicles were exempted from immobilisation.