Mookomba’s international breakthrough


Mokoomba, an Afro-fusion music band that hails from Victoria Falls, has made a great stride in conquering the international market if information that the group’s documentary is being shown at various arts institutions in Belgium and Spain is anything to go by.

The documentary tells the story of six talented young musicians and follows the group through their three-month tour of Europe late last year.

The Frank Francis and Dalmat Ducat production is part of a collection of art works under Planet Documentaries on the theme of sustainable development.

Mokoomba won the Music Crossroads Inter-Regional Festival (IRF) award in Lilongwe, Malawi in August 2008.

The name Mokoomba stems from the deep respect that the Tonga people have for the Zambezi River which they also refer to as Mosi oa Tunya, the smoke that thunders.

This exciting Tonga group certainly has a unique sound that is set to take the world music scene by storm.

After their maiden tour of Europe, as a prize for winning the inter-regional festival, the group has been invited to various events and festivals in many countries overseas.

Locally, they have made sure that they keep in touch with their fans through regular performances at the Book Café on a number of Saturday slots.

Music Crossroads Zimbabwe director Mathias Bangure said the group was excited that the international exposure they had gained from their success at Music Crossroads had opened up great opportunities.

“They are really happy about their breakthrough. We have worked well with them and we are proud that our products are making it on the international scene,” said Bangure.

“We had Bongo Love and Liyana writing their own success stories on the global scene and Mokoomba is now following suit. It is indeed a great achievement for our music industry in general.”

Mokoomba sing in Tonga and Lubale fusing the lyrics with keyboard, percussion and drums, rhythm and bass guitar as well as Tonga-made instruments such as dJemba drums, whistle and bell and an array of other indigenous instruments.

The group has performed at prestigious music festivals that include the Afrika Festival (Netherlands), Festival Musicale del Mediterraneo (Italy), Couleur Café Festival (Belgium), Colours of Ostrava Festival (Austria), San Marino Festival (Italy), Festival Pirinoes (Spain), Imagine Festival in Norway, and ME YOU ZIK Festival in Luxemburg.

The band’s hit song Messe Messe and its remixes are making waves on international dance music charts. Messe Messe is a collaboration between Mokoomba and popular Dutch house music producer Gregor Salto.

The video for the song was voted number 11 in the ZBC TV top 50 music video competition last year.

The group is expected to go for another tour of Europe later this year.

Mokoomba’s next album, which is being produced by internationally renowned Zig-Zag World Records is expected on the market soon.

It contains three exciting that include Masangango, Njoka and Ndundule.