Kombi crew jailed for rape


A Harare Kombi crew will rue the day they laid their hands on a 12-year-old girl after they were slapped with a 15-year jail term each for raping the minor in their kombi.

Timothy Rwidzi (27), a commuter omnibus conductor and Malvern Chifamba (24), a driver, were both convicted of rape by regional magistrate Simon Rogers Kachambwa on Thursday.

“Both men took time to sexually abuse the girl in their bus thereby traumatising her. There is no doubt that they hatched a plan to have sexual intercourse with the girl in their bus,” Kachambwa said.

“I need not generalise but deal with the two accused whose moral decadence is highly deplorable to say the least. They should serve as an example to other kombi crew members that wayward behaviour they want to practice, the law will catch up with them,” he warned.

Kachambwa sentenced the two to 15-years imprisonment and suspended five years of the sentence on condition Rwidzi and Chifamba do not within the suspension period, commit an offence of a sexual nature.

They will each serve 10 years in jail.

According to prosecutor Valerie Ngoma, the two were in a Kombi plying the City-Mbare route when they met the girl at Gulf complex on May 12 last year.

Rwidzi touted for Mbare passengers and the girl jumped in. There were no other passengers in the vehicle.

Rwidzi and Chifamba decided to change their route to Warren Park but did not inform the girl.

When the girl realised the crew had changed the route, she requested to be dropped in town but the two persuaded her to stay promising to drop her in Mbare later.

The crew made two trips to Warren Park and back into town and when it was getting dark, the girl insisted she wanted to be driven to Mbare but the two threatened her with death.

Later the two parked the Kombi at the Warren Park “D” rank and waited for darkness to fall. Chifamba dragged the girl to the back of the Kombi where he was assisted by Rwidzi to pin her down as he raped her first.

After Chifamba had finished, Rwidzi took his turn and also raped the girl before they drove her to Mbare and dropped her along Vito Street.

The girl reported to her parents and the matter was referred to the police leading to the arrest of the two.