Zanu PF infiltration


The MDC-T on Thursday claimed that Zanu PF was sending people to cause confusion in the party structures ahead of the party congress pencilled for end of April.

Party organising secretary, Elias Mudzuri, on Thursday said investigations by his party indicated that Zanu PF was sending people in areas to cause mayhem.

“You find people hire youths and other people from other parties. There are not in anywhere in the structures but they come to disrupt our meetings and cause confusion,” he said.

“Those people like who caused violence here (Harvest House) came from Epworth and are not in our party. They are coming to try and destroy us and how can we take disciplinary action with people who are not in our structures,” Mudzuri said.

However Rugare Gumbo rubbished the claims, saying it was their internal problems that were haunting them.

“It’s their own problem and we have nothing to do with that. These are problems in their party,” he said.

Mudzuri went on to attack the police for its partisan nature and accused them of being “stubborn when dealing with the MDC-T”.

“The police have always harassed us. They have always been stubborn when dealing with us but they always fail. If you are under repression you find a way to deal with it,” he said.

He said this after some people had raised a question on how safe the party would be in the wake of police barring the MDC rallies.

Party spokesperson, Nelson Chamisa said that Zanu PF was even more active and on the ground than the MDC-T.

“Zanu PF is more active in our congress than us,” he said.

“Zanu PF people at the ‘Shake-Shake’ building (Zanu PF headquarters) know more about our candidates than we do. Zanu PF and violence are like twins,” he added.

Chamisa accused the Zanu PF elements from Epworth for coming to beat up people including a Daily News journalist at the party headquarters.

He said the party was still investigating the case.

Only last week, MDC-T MP for Glen Norah said the party had been infiltrated by Zanu members in his constituency claiming that one of the people elected to lead in the district was seen clad in Zanu PF regalia while coming from the anti-sanctions petition launch in Harare.

The MDC-T is set to begin its provincial congresses this weekend amid fears that the police might pounce on them like they have been barring the rallies.

Mudzuri said all positions would be up for grabs and the jostling for positions was expected in a democratic society.

Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga is expected to grace the congress.

Teams will be deployed in different provinces for provincial assemblies starting on Saturday while the women and youth congresses will be held in Bulawayo on April 29.

The main congress will be held on April 30 to elect a new leadership.