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Boka auctions floors re-open


Boka Action Floor on Thursday re-opened the sales floor after years in the wilderness selling 1 800 bales of tobacco in the process.

The highest price per kg was $4, 50.
Boka spokesperson Rudo Boka said, “We thank God that we managed to open and everything is in place.”

She said the floors were over-helmed with the response by tobacco farmers.

Farmers that spoke to NewsDay bemoaned the few number of auction floors in the country saying this has resulted in them spending days in the queues.

Marondera farmer, Raavidie Katsande, said he has been waiting to sale tobacco for the last two weeks at the Tobacco Sales Floor before coming to join the queue at Boka ahead of its re-opening.

“The challenges we are facing at the moment is lack of water, food and shelter,” said Katsande
He said the little money they had brought from their farms had been finished leaving them in a desperate situation.

Magret Jera, another farmer, said farmers were losing some of their tobacco to the rains that sporadically pound the city.

“We are hoping to temporarily place our tobacco in safer places so that we reduce the financial loss we might incur due to the rain,” she said.

Maxmore Usavihwevhu urged tobacco sales floors to move with speed in buying their tobacco so that they could return to their bases.

“We have nowhere to bath and we are sleeping outside. Now we don’t mind a situation where they could put our tobacco in a shade then we would come collect it later when our turn comes,” Usavihwevhu said.

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