Madhuku now full professor

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairman Lovemore Madhuku has been promoted by the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) to a full professor.

The outspoken constitutional law expert was elevated last week.

To be a full professor, an academic must have published a substantial number of books and/or articles which must be judged by an international panel to be of “international excellence”.

Madhuku broke a record at the university as he moved from a mere lecturer to a full professor without passing through the usual stages of senior lecturer and associate professor.

He is no stranger to breaking academic records after graduating with first-class passes at both the UZ and Cambridge University which he obtained in 1998.

Madhuku’s case was adjudicated by six professors from renowned universities Muna Ndulo of Cornell Law School (USA), Anne Hellum (Norway), Roger Blainpain (Belgium), Margaret Beukes (South Africa), Hansungule (Kenya) and Kiggundu (Botswana).

Besides being an activist fighting for a people-driven constitution and currently pushing for a campaign to thwart the Copac-led constitution-making process, Madhuku remains one of the best constitutional law experts in the country, his contemporaries said in a statement.

His recent book published in April 2010 is titled An Introduction to Zimbabwean Law.

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