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Musician jailed 12 years for rape


A 23-year-old Insiza Brothers band member was Wednesday slapped with a 12-year jail term after being convicted of raping a 14-year -old girl three years ago.

Paradzayi Mandimu, who was staying in Waterfalls at the time of the commission of the offence, raped the girl after a woman who was providing accommodation to the band members, Elizabeth George, allegedly facilitated the sexual assault.

Regional magistrate Peter Kumbawa said there was need for George to be investigated since she was the one who was allegedly procuring young girls for the band members at her residence where many girls could have fallen prey to the scam.

Mandimu was sentenced to an effective six-year jail term after Kumbawa suspended half the sentence for a period of five years on condition he did not commit an offence of a sexual nature within that period.

Prosecutor Michael Reza said sometime in June 2009, the girl went to George’s residence where she started playing cards with Elizabeth before Mandimu joined the game.

Elizabeth had already spread a blanket on the floor when she stood up, leaving the girl and Mandimu alone.

As the girl also stood up intending to leave, Mandimu pulled her down onto the blanket and gagged her mouth after which he raped her.

The matter only came to light when the girl’s father saw the girl coming from the house where the band members were staying.

He took his daughter to the police and requested them to interview her after suspecting abuse but the girl was at first reluctant to reveal what had happened because she feared her father.

However, she later spilled the beans.

In his judgment Kumbawa said the girl indicated she initially feared to report the matter to her family members because her father had previously warned her against visiting George’s house where band members were staying.

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