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MDC official fingered in infidelity case


A local councillor has been sucked into an alleged case of political violence following allegations the MDC-T official was having an extra-marital affair with the wife of one of the victims of violence.

The case is now in court where allegations were made to the effect that William Manyanganga and Tukisai Kwava got involved in a fight after the later had been heard telling people gathered at an MDC-T meeting in Mbizo last Saturday that Ward 11 councillor Johannes Ngozo was having an extra-marital affair with Manyanganga’s wife.

According to court records, Kwava, now also an accused person, told one Patrick Chikwenda and others that Ngozo and Rosewita Maziviza were having an affair.

After the conversation, Chikwenda allegedly told Maziviza’s son about the allegations who in turn told his mother, leading to a confrontation between Kwava and Maziviza.

The court heard that during this confrontation Kwava attacked Maziviza, shoving her before slapping her in the face. This attack did not go down well with Maziviza’s husband who in turn attacked Kwava and a fight ensued.

Maziviza has since filed charges of assault against Kwava, while in turn Manyanganga is in police custody facing charges of assaulting his wife’s attacker.

MDC-T Mbizo district chairman Simon Machisvo confirmed that violence did erupt at a meeting called for by his executive but said it had noting to do with politics.

“Manyanganga came to me and we discussed allegations which had been raised against his wife and the councillor,” Machisvo said.

“It appeared that there was bad blood between the two (Kwava and Manyanganga) and as a party, it’s not our policy to intervene in people’s personal lives. Remember we are going for congress and people raise a lot of allegations against their foes to gain mileage.”

Councillor Ngozo has denied having an affair with Manyanganga’s wife.

“This is madness. I have never at any given time dated or even proposed to anyone’s wife and these allegations are inviting a defamation lawsuit from me,” said Ngozo.

Kwava, who appeared before magistrate Letwin Rwodzi, was released from custody on a $50 bail to February 24. He was ordered not to interfere with witnesses and to reside at his given

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