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Play talks politics in cemetery


Amakhosi Theatre founder member Herbert Phiri has penned a satirical political one-hander entitled Graveyard.

In the play, Phiri takes a swipe at the country’s political system.

He features as a security guard who works at a graveyard in the city. Acting all alone, he takes viewers through an exciting journey into the political situation in the country.

He points to a grave where a former commander is buried.

There is also a minister buried there.

He says the minister died under mysterious circumstances after his imaginary supervisor found him carrying an opposition party’s posters.

The focus of the play shifts towards the economy. The playwright says politicians have let down the country and failed to keep the economy on its feet.

Graveyard also focuses on the issues of brain drain and arrest of political activists.

Its main thrust however is the issue of arbitrary decisions being taken by a ruling party which ruins the imaginary country in which the play is set.

“See what your government has done to us, it has given itself power to seize everything,” says the security guard.

“It has given itself the right to intervene in any sector any time, anywhere. They are unpredictable.”
In an interview with NewsDay, Phiri said he wrote the play in 2009 when the country’s economy was still in

“The idea behind the play is to let the government know that some decisions are dangerous to the country.

“They could turn the country into a graveyard, where those who are buried have no say in how their country should be run,” he said.

Phiri said according to his observation, people in the country are as good as dead because they have no freedom and have lost the right to question politicians.

He launched the play at Amakhosi last year and has performed in the Green Room at the Amphitheatre.

“I am in the process of raising money so that I can take the play to rural areas. People there also need to know what is happening around them.”

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