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Hilarious comedian returns


One of Zimbabwe’s celebrated stand-up comedians, Michael Kudakwashe, announced his return to the stage with a hilarious show at a club in Harare recently.

The comedian who is popularly known as Michael K, had last held a show in August last year and his return was full of flawlessly-delivered jocular commentary and voice mimics that generated a flood of giggles among the audience.

“I took a little break to try and re-energise myself but I’m now back. It is back to madness as I will stage a number of shows. I feel good to be back and I feel re-energised,” said Michael K.

His cutting edge act dug deep into social issues from sexually transmitted infections to some Zimbabweans’ failure to start successful businesses and relationships.

In his comeback act, Michael K managed to tease the audience’s imagination with picture-filled narratives.

The comedian created characters and settings supplemented by punch lines that made the jocular narratives resonate with the audiences.

“I am back and there will be more. There will be characters from India, from America and from China so you’d better look out.”

Michael K’s return to stand-up comedy is definitely a positive development the local arts arena.

He has been doing a lot of theatre and film work recently and is currently working on a film series in which he has a major role.

“It’s been a while since I have been on stage, but there is a lot in me at the moment and I will be dishing it out in coming performances. I am also happy that while I was away, a new crop of stand-up comedians came onto the scene, something that I’ve desired for a long time.”

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