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Peace-building soccer tourney on the cards


Pumula MDC-T MP Albert Mhlanga has organised a soccer tournament for political activists of different persuasions in his constituency to promote peaceful co-existence.

The tournament will be launched on Saturday.

Spokesperson for the organisers, Zakhele Ndebele, said the teams that would participate in the tournament would be drawn from the constituency including the police.

“We will have teams from the constituency. We will have different political party supporters and party members in the tournament so that they get a platform to practice co-existence,” said Ndebele.

“The soccer programme that we are rolling out is for building peace in the constituency and the concept will move to other constituencies. We have invited the Pumula ZRP team so that the police and the public get used to each other and learn to respect one another.

“It will also be a platform where members and supporters of political parties will come together and in that sense will never attack each other because they know each other.

“I doubt that any person from Pumula can beat up another person from Pumula for political reasons.
“We want to strengthen that spirit of tolerance,” he said.

Ndebele said eight teams would participate at the tournament which would also feature two women’s netball teams.

He said to date, MDC-T and Zapu supporters had confirmed participation in the tournament.

He said Habbakuk Trust, a Bulawayo-based civic group, had also confirmed participation.

“We are yet to confirm the participation of the other MDC, Zanu PF and the National Youth Development Trust,” he said.

“Our aim is to include a lot more political parties and civic organisations. This is just the beginning. We would like this tournament to be held every month since the talk about elections has already started,” he said.

Ndebele said the winning teams would receive prizes.
“We are still putting together the prizes, but the biggest prize is for all participants in that after the games, the civic society leaders will get a chance to reach out to the parties with a message of peace and non-violence during elections,” he said.

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