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Adopt ICTs to enhance productivity – Mutambara


DPM Arthur Mutambara on Thursday called upon the private sector to make full use of information communication technologies (ICTs) to drive economic growth and enhance productivity.

Productivity is defined as the amount of output one gets per unit of input. It is a way to compare the cost of something to its benefit.

Speaking at a one-day National Productivity Convention programme in Harare, Mutambara said the country should move away from the 19th century “human operating system”.

“Technology is like a lever. It makes working easier. Can you imagine what you can do with the Internet?” Mutambara said.

He said ICTs could have a major impact on the productivity of the country’s economy.

He urged companies to come up with synergies and pool resources where they will be having common interests.

Mutambara took a swipe at the current state of affairs where telecommunications companies were setting up individual structures yet they could cooperate and share facilities.

“Let’s embrace the ICT revolution. Don’t compete for infrastructure but productivity and a shared infrastructure. Why have four companies digging trenches along the Bulawayo-Harare for networking, instead of having a shared vision?”.

He said the creation of competitive workplace environments required an ability and willingness on the part of business to re-engineer the internal structures of their enterprises to create environments that stimulate constructive workplace relations.

“If all businesses adopt this approach, this will enable the country to develop a culture of continuous innovation, in which employees are encouraged to regularly share ideas on improving efficiency and productivity within their companies.”

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