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Finance manager up for $125k fraud


Delta Beverages Southerton branch could have lost $125 000 and R150 000 through a well-orchestrated scam involving one of the company’s senior employees.

Financial manager Marshal Ranganai Mazengeza is alleged to have defrauded the company working in cahoots with four accomplices, who have already been charged.

On September 16, 2009 Mazengeza in connivance with Sindiswa Sachiti, Muchaneta Lucia Ndachena, Blessing Mlunjwana and Stanslus Matare allegedly hatched a plan to defraud the beverages company.

Ndachena and Sachiti allegedly approached a South African firm identified in court papers as AFCL, owned by Nkosana Moyo, under the pretext Delta wanted a supply of Coca-Cola branded glasses worth $125 000.

Moyo dispatched a quotation which was allegedly approved by Mazengeza and Ndachena while Mlunjwana is said to have authorised the payment.

However, instead of transferring the money to AFLC’s account, Mazengeza alleged instructed that the payment be made to Silver Cloud, a company owned by Matare.

Mazengeza reportedly further approved electronic transfers of cash into Sachiti and Mlunjwana’s personal accounts.

It is further alleged Mazengeza and his accomplices used part of the stolen funds to buy personal cars while the remaining money was used to acquire promotional material purporting to be for Delta Beverages.

Mazengeza is said to have subsequently converted some of the material to his personal use while selling some to Delta Beverages through Matare’s company.

In order to cover up the alleged offence, Mazengeza reportedly generated a fictitious e-mail purporting to have been from Moyo.

The purported e-mail gave instruction to Delta Beverages to transfer funds into an agent’s company account owned by Matare and Sachiti but Moyo denied the claim.

Mazengeza was arrested last week on allegations of stealing $125 000 and R150 000 from his employer.

He appeared before Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei on Wedneday facing a charge of fraud and was not asked to plead.

He was remanded out of custody on $300 bail to February 21.

Memory Chidavaenzi prosecuted.

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