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Afro-rock-reggae show lives up to billing


An afro-rock-reggae show held at The Mannenberg jazz club recently lived up to its top billing through a presentation that was finely polished, cosmopolitan and full of musical energy.

The show featured Josh Ansley, newly established Chikwata 263, Mathias Julius, and Mokoomba.

Ansley was first on the stage; he mesmerised the full house with his cool and sensual voice.

His melodious vocals and calculated stage movements provided a new and refreshing perspective to local music presentation.

Next in line, newly established band Chikwata 263, fronted by Tomasi on guitar, Hector Rufaro on mbira, Til’ Shiloh on bass guitar and Blessing on drums, had the audience perennially on their feet with their fusion of eclectic punk and traditional Zimbabwean sound.

Rising reggae sensation Mathias Julius and his bandX-Vbyz were next to perform and churned out tunes that were both hot and original.

With his powerful, energetic voice and socially relevant lyrics supplemented by Zimbabwean-themed reggae rhythms, Julius proved that he has big things coming his way.

The fourth act, Mokoomba, took to the stage with a high-spirited genre of music that can best be described as an electrifying blend of Afro-fusion and tantalising traditional Tonga rhythms.

The six-member band, which hails from one of Zimbabwe’s remotest Tonga-speaking regions, played brilliantly and their quality of music attests to how much they have persevered to carve a niche in local and international arenas.

Mokoomba’s energetic stage performance was quite electrifying.

Overally, the show had music fans from different backgrounds jumping up and down from the start to the end in what was an exhilarating night of music.

If anything, the music show highlighted that Zimbabwe’s music talent has undergone a huge leap forward during the past decade and is edging towards an era of endless polished acts.

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