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Caf in media boob


The Confederation of African Football (Caf) cannot seem to get their things in order at the ongoing African Nations Championships in Sudan.

On Saturday night during the South Africa- Ghana Group B match and after the Zimbabwe-Niger game, the organisation made the biggest boobs of all, shutting down the media centre.

Journalists from the four countries were stranded after the game, failing to file their match reports, with no official from the Issa Hayatou-led organisation in sight to give an official explanation.

Language barrier was another issue as most officials spoke Arabic, leaving scribes from Zimbabwe and South Africa at sixes and sevens as the liaison officers attached to the Warriors were unhelpful.

The only plausible explanation was that the room had no power, the rest of the stadia had power and, some English-speaking officials said, priority was making sure the teams’ dressing rooms had power.

Kenny Makambira, a Zimbabwean attached to the Caf website, was also stranded and had to update the site from the hotel, which is 15 minutes away from the stadium.

As if that was not enough, the South African-Ghana match ended at 18.34 Zimbabwe time, meaning the Warriors and Niger had only 26 minutes of warm up, which is quite illegal and the two teams were ordered off the pitch after just 15 minutes to prepare to start the game.

Before the match, Zimbabwe head of delegation Patrick Hokonya had to endure waiting hours on end at the game venue as the man with the keys had disappeared.

The Zimbabwean delegation, 37 in total, had still not received their accreditation cards and tickets from the Embassy delegation before the game.

The cards came after the Warriors match had started- 36 of them, and this journalist was the only unfortunate one not to receive his despite having completed the process at home and on arrival was told the card was there, with just a minor mistake that it was inscribed Zambia.

This scribe, like the rest of the delegation, was accredited again in Khartoum, but still the card could not be availed.

Caf officials insisted they brought 37 cards on Saturday.

Hayatou, who hosts the Caf congress on February 23, watched 45 minutes of the Zimbabwe-Niger match and made off at half-time while former Warriors coach Ben Kouffie witnessed the entire game.

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