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MDC-T Youth Assembly rejects Gorden Moyo


The MDC-T Youth Assembly on Tuesday told off Minister of State Enterprises and Parastatals Gorden Moyo saying he had no right to claim any position in the party.

The youths described Moyo as a “hired minister” by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

In apparent reference to Moyo, who expressed interest in a top party position, Youth Assembly chairperson Thamsanqa Mahlangu told journalists in Harare that:

“There are ministers invited by the president (Tsvangirai). We welcome them but they should not take advantage of their invitation by the party to usurp powers in the party.”

Moyo has declared his interest in a top position in the MDC-T hierarchy.

But Mahlangu said there was no leadership crisis in the MDC-T and the youths would stand by the current leadership.

“We welcome jostling for positions in the party. We accept that but we say no to think being a minister means you can have any position in the party,” said Mahlangu.

Reports say Moyo was eyeing the Bulawayo chairmanship where he would battle it out with Mzilikazi Senator Matson Hlalo.

“Over the past few weeks I have been in transition. I am trying to get myself into the party structures and become a full MDC-T member. I want to confirm that I am breathing hard, I want a position there,” he said recently.

However, Mahlangu poured cold water on the former chairman of Bulawayo Agenda, a pro-democracy group based in Matabeleland who became a Cabinet minister on an MDC-T ticket.

Mahlangu also said the inclusive government had failed to stand the test of time and the sooner elections were held, the better for Zimbabwe.

“All the ministers in the inclusive government have failed to live up to expectations,” he said.

“The MDC-T has the best crop of ministers in the inclusive government but they are being frustrated by Zanu PF not to deliver. That’s why we are calling for an immediate end of this GPA and have elections. But what (President) Mugabe should know is that without the GPA he cannot be President of this country because the people rejected him in March 2008.”

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