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Bible-inspired artwork by local sculptor


Upcoming Dominic Studios-based sculptor Derick Macheka says since he became a Christian and member of the Christ Embassy Church in 2009, his works have become spiritual and unique.

Macheka said before his transformation his works would vary from human and animal figures but now he focused on books and scrolls that represented his religious beliefs.

“Reading the Bible gives me revelations on the kinds of books and scrolls to make which represent the words from the Bible and even some things that were left out in the Bible,” he said.

Macheka said he felt that there was a lot that people would know concerning spiritual life through his works.
He said his conversion had greatly helped him and the word of God had taught him to be patient and to speak positively about his own works.

He also acknowledged fellow sculptors who either inspired or assisted him.

“I am so grateful to my uncle and internationally acclaimed sculptor, Sylvester Mubaya, who introduced me to sculpting and taught me to be a sculptor in 1986 and Dominic Benhura who invited me to work with him at his studio in 2007,” said Macheka.

He said since he began focusing on books and scrolls his sales had increased and he believed God was blessing him in his work because he always sought divine guidance. He believes he will get even greater blessings if he keeps pursuing God’s way.

The sculptor says he has quit alcohol, which gives him more time for his work and family. He sees his conversion as an important turning point in his life.

Macheka, who now spends most his time at the sculpture workshop, said his wife and two children lived in Chitungwiza and he only saw them during weekends.

“I got married when I was already in the arts and my family understands the fact that I cannot be with them all the time but I always make time for them during weekends. I now value everything I do and my family is very happy about it.”

However, Macheka was quick to point out that his work was not for Christians only.

He has exhibited internationally in countries like United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany.

In 1993 Macheka received a certificate at the Zimbabwe Heritage awards for being an outstanding exhibitor while he was resident artist for the Chapungu Sculpture Gallery of Zimbabwe, a post he held for five years.

He also worked at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe from 1994 to 1996.

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