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Zanu PF Youth League should walk the talk


Declarations by the usually militant youth league that they will not engage in violence again was great news to many of us who braved the 8pm propaganda bulletin of the national broadcaster (ZTV) on Wednesday January 19, 2011.

The Zanu PF Youth League assertions on national television that they will this time around desist from violence should have come as sweet music to a lot of Zimbabweans who have lost their relatives, limbs, were raped, maimed or harassed over the years .

They however should live up to their word and allow Zimbabweans for the first time in so many years to choose a leadership of their choice without any coercion.

It will be quite refreshing to note that if these youths stick to their word, no unsanctioned roadblocks will be found in our rural areas, that it will not be compulsory to move around with an election manifesto in your car and that my poor grandparents in Zaka will be able to attend that rally which they have so much desired to attend but can never do so for the fear of the “Young Comrades”, that my brother Festus Dumbu will in the next election be able to travel the breadth and width of Zaka West freely to canvas for support .

That a presidential campaign team for that popular politician of the day will be allowed to move all over the country in their red bus and that no one will end up at Harvest House having run away from their rural areas is really good news to all of us, but only if these youngsters decide to keep their word and promise to the people of Zimbabwe .

In an attempt to show off verbal prowess but lacking depth, they tried dismally to castigate the Global Political Agreement which to any sane- minded person has worked to the full advantage of the Zanu PF where the loser of an election ended up remaining in office, in the process adding superfluous titles to their name in a desperate attempt to show Zimbabweans that they are still in charge .

One just wishes such a declaration had been made early and we would not have lost Washington Nyamwa from Zaka, Tonderai Ndira , Better Chokururama and many others who perished in the 2008 election violence.

May their souls rest in peace. The Zanu PF Youth League in their proximity to the entire leadership of the party should take their declaration to fellow senior members of the party who have openly declared that they will not leave office even if people reject them.

They should equally take their message to the women’s league which has become well-known for its singing and sexually provocative dances when people are being beaten and tortured in bases.

They should equally take their message to their militant war veteran colleagues and tell them that there is no need to continue with Operation Kubudirana Pachena as it will only serve to further alienate them from the electorate .

In trying to play to the gallery that they have never been involved in violence, the youth league has failed to explain why and how the so-called provocation from MDC has resulted in the death of MDC cadres.

The current leadership of Zanu PF Youth League would do Zimbabwe a great favour if they lived by their word and walked the talk as history would judge them well for being a generation that spoke against violence and if violence was never witnessed again in any elections.

Lovemore Chinoputsa is a former secretary-general of the Zimbabwe National Students Union and is writing in his personal capacity.

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