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War vet invaders kicked out


Riot police drove out scores of war veterans who had invaded cottages at Lake Chivero claiming ownership of the properties in the name of indigenisation.

A truckload of police in riot gear arrived at Lake Chivero in the afternoon and moved swiftly to restore order.

When NewsDay arrived at one of the invaded boating clubs, the gate was locked and covered with a banner carrying the picture of President Robert Mugabe and a message of “100% Empowerment and Total Independence”.

Police intervention came after Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Jameson Timba advised the chairman of Postal Boating Club, Kwanai Kashangura, to make a formal report to the nearest police station.

Timba said he got involved in the Chivero invasion saga in his capacity as the Member of Parliament for Mt Pleasant constituency where Belgravia Sports Club, who are owners of the boating club, are located and also as a member of the club.

Timba said after the police intervened: “The place is liberated now.

“Today I witnessed firsthand the culture of impunity, lawlessness and thuggery. We cannot develop this country and the tourism industry with this kind of behaviour. This thuggery and lawlessness must stop.

“We cannot empower our people by encouraging laziness, thuggerry and a grab culture. We empower them through education and creation of opportunities,” he said.

The Chivero invasion was part of a string of violent drama that characterised the week. There were ugly scenes of political violence reported around the capital where several people were injured and others were arrested.

In Mbare, skirmishes were reported around the local MDC-T office which was destroyed by suspected Zanu PF youths on Saturday.

MDC supporters and officials gathered at the destroyed building after word had spread that they were being hunted down by their political adversaries.

The police arrived at the offices and advised the 19 MDC-T activists to follow them to the police station where they would be better protected.

Upon arrival at the police station however, the activists said they were immediately arrested and locked up.

Marufu Mandevere, the lawyer representing the arrested MDC-T activists in Mbare, said his clients were taken to the police station where they had been promised protection but were on arrival, told that they had been arrested for public violence.

In Budiriro, a house belonging to local councillor, Panganayi Charumbira, was broken into by suspected Zanu PF supporters who allegedly looted property.

Charumbira’s wife was also beaten and was on Sunday admitted at a hospital in Harare.

One of the MDC-T youths in Budiriro, William Mukuwari, was allegedly shot on the left leg and was also receiving treatment at a local hospital.

In Chitungwiza, a house belonging to an MDC-T district official was also attacked and several people, including Gift Nengomasha, were attacked and had their property looted.

Nelson Chamisa, the MDC-T spokesperson, on Sunday said the police inaction on the matters was a cause for concern.

Chamisa warned that the country was fast going back to the bloody 2008 elections scenario if no immediate action was taken.

“We can see the cloud that caused the storm in June 2008 is beginning to form in the sky. We have neither the helmet nor the political umbrella to protect ourselves and we appeal to all security forces to stop this action of a brother attacking a brother,” he said.

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