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Mbira musician hails online social network influence


Rising mbira music star Taku Mafika has revealed that the use of online social networks had significantly improved the public’s response to his live shows and public appearances.

Mafika said that social networks were a very effective and intimate tool in promoting and marketing his shows.

“Online social networking is very effective and it can go very far in advertising live shows. At my recent show, almost three-quarters of the people who attended learnt about the gig through my blog and Facebook page,” said Mafika.

He said artists should begin to utilise social networks as a tool to enhance attendance to their live shows and public appearances.

“In this era, there are no limitations, this is an era of technology, and it’s high time artists begin using technology as a tool for sustainable development. I actively maintain an online presence which has been beneficial for interacting with fans and advertising my shows.”

Mafika added that there was no magic formula for the positive audience response that he was getting but his secret lies in how he is using new technology, which is a quicker and nimbler way of communicating as compared to traditional media.

“Many people now have mobile phones that are connected to the Internet and it is very easy to spread information. I always use my phone to reach out to people when I am doing a live show. I don’t even have to go an Internet Café, I can just send messages from my phone and reach thousands of my fans,” he said.

“Even after a show, fans provide feedback on my Facebook page. It helps me interact with my audiences and package my shows in a style that suits them most.”

Mafika said that utilising new technology has all the potential to enhance the local music industry and take it to new levels comparable with international standards.

He added that his dream was to sell his music online in order to counter piracy, which is rampant in the country.

Mafika said that utilising social networks could help to eliminate middlemen for the benefit of artistes.

At the end of last year, Mafika went on a successful five- country European tour which saw him visit countries such as Austria, France, Germany and Italy.

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