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Money in good use — Munya


It is now three months after Munya Chidzonga received $300 000 from local businessmen in honour for his outstanding performance on the Big Brother Africa All-Stars reality show.

It was indeed encouraging to see that Zimbabweans can stand with their own when need arises.

We all felt that Munya was unfairly treated because he deserved to win and the prize he got back home was a well-deserved, passionate consolation from his people.

Initially, the decision to give him money did not go well with some people who felt it was a waste as the country could have put that money to better use.

But this was a choice from well-wishers and no one could tell them where to put their money.

However, an obvious fact is that all eyes were on Munya as soon as he got the money.

The common question among rumour mongers, close relatives, friends, investment specialists and the general public became: How is he going to use the money?

Munya had a hint for them. First of all he was going to pay tithe and he did just that — $30 000 went to charity and then . . . What’s next?

Munya could not say (as expected) and people were left to observe how the money would change the Diamond Boy’s life.

Maybe he is going to buy a posh car. He might buy a house. Probably he will invest in some business. Definitely, his lifestyle is going to change. People were just left to wonder.

Now, three months down the line we can safely confirm that Munya is still living at his parents’ house, mostly drives a family car and is still to finish paying the bride price for his wife Adiona Maboreke.

So, where did the money go or did he get it at all?

A school of thought is now suggesting that the money could have been given under certain conditions or agreements with the businessmen or he did not get it at all.

Others suggest that he was a pawn in a game of politics and the issue was just a chance for personal mileage for those involved.

Munya explains: “Tell all those who want to know how I used the money that I have used it wisely. So far, I have used enough of it to do what I had to do,” said Munya.

He added that he was certainly trying to make more than the $300 000 he was given as he was investing in business ventures. He says part of the money was in the production of his movie Lobola.

That was all he could say but it seems signs of business ventures are beginning to show if the news that his wife is set to launch the Diamond Boy clothing line at the end of this month is anything to go by.

Adiona started working on the fashion line this month though the logo was formed in November last year.

She said she was starting on a small scale and at the end of this month and smart casual wear for boys that like to dress like her husband is already available though it will be on the market at the end of the month when she launches.

“We will have Diamond Boy, Diamond Girl and Junior Diamond brands under the label. The Junior Diamond brand is meant to cater for the young children as they supported Munya during his stay in the Big Brother house and still scream for him in the streets when they see him. We only found it fair to manufacture clothes for them too,” she said.

Well, this might be one business ventures Munya is talking about. Ears are still on the ground.

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