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Liquid Lounge sets social scene ablaze


Very few clubs in the city still maintain the “till-you-drop” tag as the majority close their doors in the wee hours of the day but Liquid Lounge has broken the norm.

The club has just joined the list of joints that invite you to party until sunrise.

Beats from Mars, the entertainment company that is currently running the popular Harare nightclub, said it had re-introduced its all-night partying programme.

The entertainment company has already begun putting in place new strategies to boost the club’s entertainment side whose vibe had dropped last year.

“This year will be a year of fireworks at Liquid Lounge because we are changing almost everything concerned with the running of the joint for the best,” said Beats from Mars manager Romello Nyabadza.

He said from tonight they would be playing music for everyone, mixing the old school classics with contemporary hits.

The major genres would be R&B, hip-hop, soul and house. Former Stars Nightclub DJs Kudzai Matondo, also known as Dee Nosh, and the award-winning spinner Leeroy “L Roy” Miller will be on the turntable tonight and many Fridays to come.

“We will certainly present a good and clean atmosphere for the sophisticated party lovers and this time we will certainly lure back all the Liquid Lounge fans that had deserted us,” he said.

There will also be exclusive parties at the club.

“Our first exclusive party this year will be to officially launch and promote the influential liquor brands ‘Nuvoc’ and ‘Ciroc’ which are expensive and very popular in America.

The promotional parties will show that Zimbabwe is definitely a force to reckon with when it comes to entertainment and of course the fact that we are certainly not backward when it comes to the high-profile liquor brands,” said Nyabadza.

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