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Jaggers workers storm Zanu PF HQ


Jaggers Wholesalers employees on Thursday stormed Zanu PF headquarters in Harare protesting against the party-driven indigenisation policy that has rendered them jobless.

Workers’ representatives who spoke to NewsDay said they wanted Zanu PF to explain and make it clear to them if indigenisation meant people losing their jobs and not being paid.

Jaggers is now owned by controversial businessman Cecil Muderede, an indigenous Zimbabwean who took ownership of the huge wholesale entity in April last year, thanks to the controversial indigenisation policy.
“We do not know Cecil Muderede, the new owner of Jaggers. He was never formally introduced to us,” said a representative.

“We do not know what really happened with the change of ownership. What we know is that our working standards started to deteriorate since the time we heard we were under a new employer.”

The workers have been assembling at Jaggers’ Msasa branch since Tuesday, waiting for Muderede to address them, to no avail.

The workers were also demanding that Nicholas Dube, Jaggers former managing director, be reinstated because there were many queries that he left unanswered.

“Dube told us that he would be deducting 15% from our salaries for three months to revive the company, but from our observation things got worse.”

“Our pension contributions to Nssa (National Social Security Authority) and Old Mutual have not been paid for the period between 2009 and 2010.

“We need an explanation from Dube,” the workers said.
The workers said their former employer, Metcash, bought them stands and they had title deeds for the stands but since Dube’s reign they only experienced problems.

“We are no longer even sure if the stands are still there or not.”

At least 1 000 Jaggers employees have not been paid for the past six months.

Last year Jaggers Wholesalers closed 11 branches in the country.

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