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Gringo back on stage


Long-forgotten comedy genius Lazarus Boora, fondly known by his fans within comic circles as Gringo, is back on the local scene in style, venturing into various lines of business.

Gringo made a name for himself through comedy and local drama, eventually becoming one of the most highly-ranked comedians in the country amongst greats like the late, Safirio “Mukadota” Madzikatire and Philip “Paraffin” Mushangwe.

Gringo is currently based in Hatfield and working as sales and marketing officer for a petroleum company, a position that he said owed much to his acting prowess and popularity.

“Many people have been wondering about my whereabouts and whether I am still involved in acting.

“I have not given up on my talent but I am currently doing something else, which to me is more like acting since it still helps me interact with some of my fans.”

Before joining the petroleum company Gringo worked as a shop marketing manager for about two years.

Of late, Gringo has been appearing on various TV adverts and all those that follow this hilarious comedian should have realised that he has visibly changed in stature and style, a sign that usually mirrors good living.

“I have been able to get a few contracts that have earned me good income and most importantly the Almighty has looked after me very well.

“We are nothing without His guidance both in good and bad times.”

Speaking in a telephone interview Gringo could not resist cracking a few of his trademark jokes familiar with fans during the first episodes of local drama Gringo Ndiani that was screened on ZTV.

On a serious note, he said sponsorship was one of the challenges crippling the arts industry and this made it difficult for artists to maintain a consistent production of projects.

“Sponsorship is a contributing factor to artists’ failure. Talent can prove to be almost worthless at times since the sponsors will also be considering factors such as returns and benefits they would earn.”

Gringo’s sudden departure from the big screen stirred controversy among fans that had fallen in love with him, with some arguing that it was a sign of misplaced priorities.

Speculation had it that Gringo had sunk into poverty and hiding from limelight but the hilarious actor said he was living well.

“People tend to read many tabloid newspapers and magazines yet they remain in the dark about the truth. I’m still alive and acting, my fans should look out for my upcoming projects this year,” he said.

The actor encouraged all artists to work together and most importantly to craft innovative ideas that would help them reap benefits from their talents.

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