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RG’s Office defies High Court order


Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede’s Office has defied a court order compelling it to issue a birth certificate and passport to late top cop Thomsen Toddie Jangara’s daughter whose mother has had a torrid time trying to secure the important documents.

Assistant Commissioner Jangara collapsed and died aged 52 years in June last year.

In his judgment delivered on December 28 2010, Justice Charles Hungwe said: “It is ordered that the first respondent (Registrar of Births and Deaths) issue a birth certificate and a passport to the applicant (Paunganwa) for her minor child Talent Nelly Jangara (born 2nd April 2010), immediately, in any event not later than two (2) working days from the date of this order.”

This order came in the wake of a chamber application by Zvikomborero Paunganwa in which she stated she wanted to use the birth certificate to obtain a passport for her child, but the RG’s Office advised her to approach the court for an order directing them to do so.

Her lawyers argued that since Paunganwa suffers from epileptic seizures and was due to be operated on to remove a blood clot in her head in South Africa, she could not leave her seven-month-old baby home alone.

Said her lawyers: “Applicant is already overdue for her monthly routine check-ups before the major operation.”

On Wednesday, Paunganwa told NewsDay that because of frustration, she approached the permanent secretary in the Justice ministry last Wednesday, who in turn instructed his subordinates to write a letter of assistance to Mudede’s officers, but that too drew a blank.

“I am stranded and do not know what to do,” Paunganwa said. “I am totally lost.”

Paunganwa alleges she was severely assaulted and left for dead by Jangara in June 2009 and suffered head injuries and developed fits and fainting spells because of a blood clot which has to be removed from her head.

She was referred to specialists in South Africa but could not go there because she was pregnant.

“The operation could not be performed because I was pregnant. But now that the child is delivered I need to take her with me to South Africa,” she said in her affidavit.

“I am now epileptic. But I cannot go to South Africa for medical check-up without my child. She is only seven months and I am still breastfeeding. I have missed my medical review several times because of lack travel documents for my child.”

At the time of Jangara’s death he had pending court cases of domestic violence and a maintenance case in which he was to pay for the upkeep of his daughter.

Although Mudede was said to be busy for the better part of Wednesday, his deputy, who identified himself as Mpala, requested that questions be put in writing.

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