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All set for Rocki album launch this Saturday


Rockford Josphats, better known as Roki, will open up on the storms and turmoil that characterise his life through his upcoming album titled Karma.

The album will be launched at the Basement in the capital on Saturday.

“Karma is basically an album that shows a high level of self-expression for all that has taken place in my life and it also carries love songs”, Roki said.

The album has 13 tracks and features some of the finest musicians and instrumentalists that include Andy Brown, Clive Mono Mukundu, Take5 and Mafriq.
Roki said he also worked with international artists on some of the songs.

“There are two artists who will be jetting in from the United Kingdom, one from America and another from Asia. I have worked with these four international artists and they will be coming for the launch but I cannot reveal the names right now because it is a surprise to our fans”.

Macdee (Macdonald Chidavaenzi) and United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean producer Jusa Dementor teamed up for the production of the original versions of the songs and remixes.

“Each song on the album will have a remix and this will add value to the project since we have been working on it for quite a long time with the assistance of Metro Studios”.

Some of the songs to look up to on the album include Mativenga, Musanyadzisa and Maybe. The musician’s ex-wife Pauline Gundidza features on some of the songs.

Roki displays his musical genius through a track titled Song of Songs, which has a soothing appeal for those that enjoy love songs.

“This album took me six years to compile. I have taken my time and I believe it is now ripe for the market. I am hoping that my fans will enjoy it “, said Josphats.

The Chidzoka hit-maker has over the years carved a bad-boy image and has a history of courting controversy wherever he goes.

But the musician has said that he will do away with his controversial character to pursue his career professionally.

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