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Sunbwoy album launch this Friday


Young talented Harare based hip-hop and R&B artist Victor Zvobgo also known as “Afri” or “Sunbwoy” will on Friday launch his “double talent” latest album titled Who Am I.

The 20-year-old singer, who is popularly known on the popular radio station Power FM for his track titled Miss DJ will, through his latest offering, introduce two different sides of his musical talent.

“The album introduces two versions of me that most people out there never knew, which are, ‘Afri’, the R&B type of guy and then ‘Sunbwoy’, the Jamaican type of singer who is reckless, funny and a different voice altogether,” said Zvobgo.

He said he had completed his latest album by himself without collaborating with any other artists like most musicians do.

Zvobgo said he felt like it was time to show the world that he was a man of all trades and he could complete an album with his different voices.

“All these years I was in the music industry I never thought I could ever use my different voices together but now I have realised, it is such a magical combination.

The 11-track album has other songs to look out for like Superhero Salute, which describes how one would feel if they were a superhero, Street Song, describing the tight competition in the music industry and Miss DJ , a song that praises the local radio DJs for standing up for the artists.

His character as “Sunbwoy” is mainly portrayed in the song Fire Jamaica, where with no doubt one can think it is certainly another dancehall artist on the microphone.

“The idea of using my two characters came up one day when I was in a studio session with my producer Titus Gambidza also known as Tricky J, who heard my voices and suggested I use both of them in my songs,” he said.

Zvobgo said his music also encouraged togetherness amongst people and treating each other with respect as neighbours.

He said his two personae probably came from the fact that he was inspired by various popular artists who are in different music genres, like the late Michael Jackson and the local sungura giant , Alick Macheso.

“I am also part of a music family called Superheroes Alive and an upcoming clothing line called Lil’ Saints Clothing, together with my producer and a couple of other singers and models,” he said.

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