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Highfield man jailed 18 years for rape


A 34-year-old Highfield man has been slapped with a 20-year jail term for raping a 12-year-old girl.

The matter came to light last week when the girl was allegedly caught abusing her siblings.

Gideon Simango was convicted by regional magistrate Never Katiyo after a short trial following his partial plea of guilty.

Simango appeared confused and not sure whether or not to plead guilty. He apparently decided to put the justice system to test by pleading not guilty and go through a full trial.

Katiyo strongly condemned Simango’s actions before sentencing him to an effective 18-year jail term after suspending two years from the total 20 years.

“It is a pathetic situation. One is left to wonder what exactly has become of our once respectful society.
What is it that needs to be done when children, especially the girl child, are subjected to this inhuman treatment?” Katiyo said.

“Where is the societal moral fabric, how are we to earn the respect of these children? Those who take the risk of indulging in the animal-like behaviour should also be prepared for the consequences,” he said.

Katiyo said human beings should be able to differentiate between animals and themselves.

“We are human beings and should behave as such, even dogs, though despised by mankind, know how to behave when they want to have sex,” he said.

According to the evidence led in court, Simango invited the girl to his house sometime in December around 19:30 hours when she was on her way to Machipisa Shopping Centre.

Oblivious of the impending abuse, the girl heeded Simango’s call but as she entered his house, he suddenly grabbed her and gagged her before throwing her onto his bed where he raped her.

After the rape, Simango gave the girl $1 and promised to give her more if she remained mum.

On another occasion the girl was sent by her mother to take a pair of shorts to Simango, their neighbour, and he raped her again.

The matter only came to light when the girl was allegedly caught abusing her siblings.

After being interviewed by her mother the girl reported that she had copied what Simango had done to her twice prompting the mother to make a report to the police leading to Simango’s arrest.

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