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Facial skin problems: home remedies


Have you ever wished you were someone else? Let’s face it, we all have at some stage in our lives, whether it be the desire for long healthy hair, a complexion to die for or simply wishing a different fate.

What little girl doesn’t wish she were a princess instead of just an average Jane?

Harmless daydreaming is not destructive and sometimes it’s good to aspire to the life of another if that person is viewed as a role model, it gives you something to grow towards, a benchmark for your own life’s journey.

I have to admit that at one stage I adored Kimora Lee Simmons and Tyra Banks.

They are both successful in their own ways.

Then I learnt that wishing to be someone different altogether is a fruitless exercise.

Not only does it breed resentment and envy, but it knocks down your sense of self and therefore your self-esteem.

Many don’t want to be voluptuous or the pear-shaped one.

We just want the perfect figure and be forever cellulite-free.

But many a time body image blues get us down.

So what if your legs wobble, or if you are a plus size?

It doesn’t make you a lesser being; you are still the best that you can be.

You were wonderfully and fearfully made by the Almighty. Embrace yourself, embrace life, and look at the positive side of life!

You love being beautifully groomed and you are quite accustomed to receiving compliments about your individual style.

Many are confused or lack knowledge when it comes to image, style, fashion, beauty and body image.

It all starts with what’s inside of you and your beauty flows outward attracting many you may come across!

Yes, this is a fashion and beauty article and together we will go step by step as I share with you more on how to feel good.

It’s not always about following trends, but about knowing yourself and following your instincts on what flatters you, radiant and glow daily. As the saying goes “beauty is skin deep”.

Your grooming regime doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

You can make yourself look better and feel better with ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

Below are cheap, fast and effective ways of preventing beauty gloom and doom.

Just choose which description most closely resembles your grooming needs.

1. Dry skin — the green mask

60g ripe avocado
1 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp honey
1 tsp molasses
4 tsp chamomile essential oil
5 drops of lavender oil


Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl until smooth using a blender. If mixture is too thick add lemon juice and if it’s too runny add more avocado. Rub mousse over your face and neck, avoiding eye area. Rather use cucumber slices on your eyes. Leave mask on for at least half an hour. Use a warm facecloth to remove the mask. This also serves to remove dead skin cells. Keep mask in fridge if you didn’t use all of it.

Tip: If you have a balanced skin type, use peach instead of avocado. Banana can also serve as a replacement. It is wonderfully nourishing. Don’t use this mask before a big night out. It can be too rich for some skin types, especially those prone to getting spots.

2. Oily skin — The tomato mask

1 ripe tomato, chopped
1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tsp raw unflavoured oatmeal


Mix everything until smooth. The mixture must be thick enough to stay on the areas typically afflicted with blackheads like your forehead, nose or chin. Keep away from eyes. Add more oatmeal if mixture is dripping off your face. Keep mask on for 10 minutes and then lightly rub it off with a facecloth dipped in warm water.

Tip: Make mixture less acidic by replacing the lemon juice with the whites of two eggs, especially if you were squeezing your pimples before applying the mask will sting.

3. Ashy skin — the yoghurt mask


1 small container unflavoured organic yoghurt
1 tsb finely crushed almonds
2 tsp beeswax
1 tsp wheat germ oil


Mix all ingredients until they form a smooth paste. Massage the mixture into your skin with small circular motions thereby stimulating your skin. Keep it on for 20 minutes.

Tip: Remember any time you are treating your face to work from your chin up towards your forehead.
Cup your hands and rub the neck from bottom to top in the direction of your chin. First use the left hand, then the right, repeating it and so on.

To be continued next week. Until then, stay fabulous!
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