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Sores of Emmanuel DVD release hits snag


Local movie Sores of Emmanuel which was released to much acclaim in May last year and went on to hit the big screen is however yet to be released in video format as the producers had promised fans.

The movie’s director, Edmore Ndhlovu, said although they should have released the DVD last December, they had to put the plans on hold owing to a technicality involving their UK distributor.

“We admit delaying the release of DVD, which was meant to happen in December (2010) but could not as there were new developments which concerned the distribution of the copies,” he said.

The UK-based distributor, he said, wanted to premiere the movie in UK and Australia in March this year as that would be more advantageous than to release the movie in the UK during summer time.

“For us to premiere the movie in the UK it means it cannot be found anywhere else on DVD but on the other hand now our local supporters are eagerly asking for the DVD,” he said.

Ndhlovu however said they would ensure the DVD release within the next two weeks.

He said they would release about 100 000 copies of the movie at a very affordable price and if they would launch the DVD in Zimbabwe before the UK tour then it would definitely be in February.

“We sincerely apologise to our unwavering fans for the delay but we will soon release the copies for them at a very good price so they will still have something to smile about,” said Ndhlovu.

Sores of Emmanuel has a unique theme as it critiques the problems of single fatherhood, as opposed to single motherhood, which has received a lot of attention.

When the movie was released into cinemas last year it managed it managed to oust major movies like the internationally popular and award-winning Avatar and Ninja Assassin at the Rainbow cinemas.

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