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Drama as police officer holds onto speeding taxi


In a Hollywood-movie-style, a policeman held on for dear life to the bonnet of a speeding taxi which was about to run him over.

The police officer, Thamsanqa Lunga, based at Drill Hall traffic section in Bulawayo, had attempted to arrest Willard Shona for picking up passengers at an undesignated point.

Shona refused to heed an order by the policeman to stop and instead, leapt into his taxi and drove off at high speed heading straight for the traffic cop.

The cop jumped onto the bonnet of the car and held onto it as the taxi drove off at high speed.

The driver was arrested and brought to court facing attempted murder charges.

Shona (30) appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Ndumo Masuku on Thursday and was remanded in custody to January 26.

Prosecutor Admire Chikwayi told the court that on Monday, the complainant, Lunga, was driving a police vehicle on patrol in the city centre.

At 8pm, he saw Shona driving his taxi, owned by City Line Taxis, picking up passengers at an undesignated point along Fort Street.

The police officer approached the taxi intending to arrest Shona. He stood in front of Shona’s vehicle instructing him to disembark.

However, Shona would have none of that and instead took off at high speed.

Realising he was about to be knocked down, Lunga jumped onto the vehicle’s bonnet.

Shona was unperturbed and drove at high speed with Lunga sprawled on the bonnet.

He drove along the streets in the city centre while the policeman was holding on for all he was worth.

Lunga was saved by other motorists who gave chase and blocked Shona’s vehicle.

That was after Lunga had shattered the car’s windscreen with his elbow.

Shona was eventually arrested.

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