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Zanu PF youths blast Biti


Youths who attended the 2011 indigenisation and empowerment meeting at Rainbow Towers on Tuesday declared war against Finance minister Tendai Biti accusing him of insulting them with “a meaningless allocation” in his 2011 Budget.

The group of youths at the meeting said Biti was insulting Zimbabwe’s youths by allocating an estimated 10 million of them only $5 million.
Young people in Zimbabwe constitute a 67,7% of the population.

“How could the minister allocate almost 50 cents per person?” queried Tendai Wenyika, the deputy secretary-general of Pan-African Youth Union.

At the conference, Wenyika said to Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere: “Some of your (Kasukuwere) friends in the Cabinet are not taking us young people seriously and we will make them jump if they continue to behave like that.

Comrade minister, your colleagues need to be reminded that they were once youths and that they enjoyed free education and married their wives out of university grants.

“How can a whole man, with the title of Minister of Finance sit around a table with his technocrats to draw up a national budget and ignore the biggest group in the country?” he asked.

The youths also blasted Kasukuwere’s ministry for allegedly not doing anything for them and for making empty promises.

Kasukuwere acknowledged the youths’ concerns and promised to do better this year.

“Wenyika and other youths have spoken the truth about our government and it is now time that, as leaders, we took action and stopped talking,” said Kasukuwere.

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