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Zanu PF fight spills into Youth ministry


Factionalism in Zanu PF’s Bulawayo province has spilled into the Youth ministry amid reports the party’s youth chairperson Butholezwe Gatsi has ordered the dismissal of four officers from the ministry for alleged “misconduct”.

The four are reportedly his political nemesis in Zanu PF’s factional politics. Gatsi denies the allegations.

Gatsi, who is alleged to be pulling the strings at the Youth ministry’s provincial offices, wrote a letter in November last year to the ministry’s provincial coordinator Opus Dube demanding that stern measures be taken against the four.His actions allegedly resulted in the resignation of one of the four officials last month.

“This letter serves to inform you that there are miscellaneous acts happening in one of your offices in the Ministry of Youth Bulawayo district, occupied by Khumbulani Mpofu,” read a letter addressed to Dube.

“The meetings are chaired by Cde Khumbulani Mlilo, the (Zanu PF) national secretary for transport and welfare in the national youth league executive. Others who attend these meetings are youth officers who include Hlalani Manyathela, Godwin Mugumba, Clever Jumo, Mxolisi Manyathela and some (Zanu PF) youths like Mthunzi and Zenzo Moyo.

“I hope stern measures will be applied to these unruly elements for transparency to prevail in your ministry.”

Gatsi alleged in the letter that the four were using the ministry’s telephones to coordinate their personal activities.

After Gatsi’s letter, one of the four youth officers, Mugumba, resigned. However, his resignation, according to insiders, is yet to be accepted.

In his resignation letter dated December 31 2010 and addressed to Dube, Mugumba said he suspected Dube was helping Gatsi disrupt party activities by writing letters and giving orders to the ministry to interrogate employed youths for no reason. However, contacted for comment Dube said they did not take instructions from outsiders.

“Those people were supposed to come to us and present their problems and not run to the press. There is no one who controls the ministry from outside. We operate with guidance from the Public Service Act,” said Dube.

“As an office, if you write a letter, we accept the letter but we have our internal ways of dealing with issues. We do not necessarily follow the guidance of the person behind the letter but we have our own disciplinary process.”

Gatsi dismissed the accusations saying: “What they were doing was against the law. Some were even getting double salaries so Dube had to explain to them that it was not possible for one to get two salaries from one government. I do not influence the running of the ministry because I am just a youth chairman of a political party.”

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