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Muchatuki steps from shadows


Bardwell Muchatuki might not be a familiar name to many gospel music lovers, but his voice “prints” will be familiar to those addicted to the music of Charles and Olivia Charamba, Olinda Marowa and Bethany Pasinawako.

After years in the background providing a cutting edge to the backing vocals of leading gospel artistes, Muchatuki is now of full age, and has decided to venture into the deep alone producing his debut album, Muzita RaJesu.

That it took two years to deliver this album is testimony to the effort and thoroughness that has gone into it.

Muchatuki, who has also backed Sebastian Magacha and Taurai Gordon Nzira, says his album as a solo artiste is primarily a soul-winning endeavour.

“My biggest wish is that this album brings lost souls to Jesus Christ and revives the body of Christ regardless of denominations,” says Muchatuki.

The title track, together with Mumwe Mukana, has become a hit on local radio.

Other songs on the album include Rumbidzwai Jehovah, a praise song narrating the goodness of God in this present life, and His Love, a song meant for the heartbroken, rejected and stressed, highlighting that Jesus’ love conquers all.

We Worship You is a worship song that simply puts one in a state of worship and adoration of God as they sing along.

The singer says the album is well-balanced for different audiences considering that it has a mixture of both Shona and English languages as well as a blend of his own compositions and common choruses that would be easy to sing along for listeners.

“I am grateful to the Faith in God Ministries Church who discovered my talent and engaged me into their praise and worship team which I am now leading and where I began to rise,” says Muchatuki.

The 24-year-old accountant said the reason why it took him two years to finally complete his project was because he had to be at work during the day, so he would only be free to record at night.

He says he is greatly inspired by top international gospel artistes like Don Moen, Pastor Benjamin Dube and Don Mclurkin, among others.

Muchatuki says gospel music is at its zenith of popularity and dominates the music industry in Zimbabwe. Because of this, he is working very hard to uplift his music through his fan page on the social networking site, Facebook , and a website that he would soon launch.

“I thank God for my family as they have been very supportive in all my initiatives and are currently behind my current project of making videos for my songs,” he said.

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