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Dynamos have themselves to blame


Dynamos Football Club is a crybaby and live in the past.

Club chairman Farai Munetsi’s recent utterances in some sections of the media that Dynamos were at the “mercy of vultures” because some clubs were raiding players from his club are symptomatic of laziness and despair.

It is a club resisting modern ways of running football and does not want to go the extra mile in terms of planning and marketing its products.

It is exciting though that Munetsi and his team have awoken from their slumber by proposing floating some of the team’s shares to the public to boost the club’s liquidity.

Munetsi will obviously meet with resistance from the team’s dinosaurs who still run the club through the archaic 1963 constitution.

The board of directors has resisted change, whether good or bad, for the country’s most successful club. That is the pivot of Dynamos’ problems.

Munetsi cannot climb to the mountain-top and cry that “his players” were being “raided”. Whose players are they?

For as long as players do not have contracts with Dynamos, they are not Dynamos players.

Munetsi and his fellow executive members were conscious that most of their players’ contracts would expire on December 31 2010 and they should have negotiated in advance for longer deals, just like what happens in Europe and other parts of the world.

It has become a norm in other progressive leagues that clubs negotiate agreements with players well in advance to avoid the catastrophe that Dynamos find themselves in.

Their African Champions League team is fast depleting because there was no proper planning by the executive.

What surprises all and sundry is that the same scenario happened at the club at the beginning of last year and no one has learnt from the past mistake yet the carpenter still wants to blame his tools.

They should not cry foul when the likes of Evans Gwekwerere, Benjamin Marere, Murape Murape, Dylan Chivandire and Thabani Kamusoko pack their bags because the players need to feed their families.

Dynamos must mobilise funds to retain their players and the sooner their dinosaurs realise this the better for the club. Dynamos is a big brand, which if used to the maximum can outgrow the Premier Soccer League (PSL).

While Munetsi is correct to blame PSL chairman Twine Phiri for the absence of league sponsorship, the fact still remains Dynamos is a separate brand which has huge potential yearning for its own marketing.

Dynamos cannot hold Phiri culpable for failing to pool resources so that they can retain players.

One thing Munetsi forgets is that Phiri wants his club to prosper and he will use resources at his disposal to strengthen his team. Does it mean Caps United must remain a mediocre side because the owner is the chairman of PSL?

Dynamos must urgently seek ways to curb the exodus of players by improving their liquidity status.

They should stop complaining and find solutions to their problem.

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