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War vet attempts to cover up murder


A war veterans’ leader in Mutare, Maxwell Marange, has been accused of threatening his in-laws after his son Masimba Marange (26) allegedly murdered his wife Shelter Chipunza (24) in November last year.

Marange allegedly threatened the Chipunza family, the police and witnesses in a bid to protect his son.

The former chairman of war veterans in Mutare on Tuesday denied the allegations saying he was not threatening the Chipunza family.

Marange said his family members paid five beasts as compensation for the murder but he personally did not make any contribution to the compensation, saying his son had nothing to do with the alleged murder.

“They claimed that we killed their daughter and wanted five beasts as compensation,” said Marange.

A representative of the Chipunza family yesterday complained that Marange was threatening them in an attempt to silence them.

Brian Chipunza, a brother to the late Shelter, alleged his sister was murdered by Marange’s son who was her husband.

Chipunza said most of the Marange family members have admitted their son murdered his wife although Marange’s father maintains the allegations were untrue and is refusing to pay compensation.

“We have been receiving several threats from the Marange family who don’t want us to seek justice to our sister’s death and investigate what really happened,” said Chipunza.

Manicaland police spokesperson Brian Makomeke said Masimba was given free bail and was out of custody, but he had since left for Mozambique.

Allegations are that on 29 of November last year Shelter got home at around 5pm from work and started quarrelling with her husband whom she accused of engaging in extra-marital affairs.

Neighbours are said to have failed to restrain the husband who was allegedly using a weapon against his wife.

The alleged murder happened in full view of the couple’s two-year-old daughter.

Masimba, in the company of his father and maid, allegedly later planted medical tablets into Shelter’s mouth to make her death appear like suicide.

However upon examining the body, a doctor on duty at Mutare General Hospital noticed bruises on her face and neck and alerted the police who swiftly arrested the husband.

Masimba Marange was released on free bail as court papers state cause of death as poisoning.

Results of a full post-mortem which were sent to Harare for further tests were yet to be released.

The court case was attended in the absence of the Chipunza family who were only informed after the hearing by the investigating officer, a Sergeant Dube.

The Chipunza family is crying foul saying the suspect was now reported to be in Mozambique after his inexplicable release.

They accuse his father, the war veteran, of lying to the Chipunza family that his son had been sentenced while he was spotted by a family member, Shepherd Chipunza, at Mangenje Nightclub in Dangamvura the day he was released from remand.

Makomeke said they had not yet received any confirmation from the court to search for Maxwell Marange.

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