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Garakara releases compilation video album


Joseph Garakara of Idya Banana fame is certainly back with a bang after releasing a debut seven-track DVD album compilation of the most popular songs from his previous three albums.

The 41-year-old Zinyengere Primary School deputy headmaster clearly proves through his first- ever creative and humorous videos that he is a force to reckon with in sungura music circles and is here to stay.

Some of the songs on the compilation include Idya Banana from the album Tapinda Tapinda, Simbabwe from the album Kechi One Nezai and one of the tracks with the most enticing videos on the compilation, Chitema Chitema from the album Chamboko Chewaya.

“The compilation was inspired by the things I see in different people’s day-to-day lives and I decided to give the title I am Joseph Garakara because it is my way of introducing myself in video production,” said Garakara.

He said to add more life to his compilation he featured another musician, Norman Tapambwa, and two of Harare’s best and most popular dance groups, Casablanca and the Syndicate Girls.

The dancing queens certainly spiced up Garakara’s videos as they effortlessly and flexibly wriggled their waists to the rhythm of the songs with asynchronised dance routines.

“The dancers have become a major part of my band so my fans can expect to frequently see them during most of my live shows,” he said.

Garakara said although his music seemed to be more on the comic side to his listeners, he also had other songs in the compilation that had a serious message encouraging people to work hard in order to realise thier dreams.

The songs include Chitema Chitema, Nyama Nhete and Zvinonaka.

He said he was overwhelmed by his fans’ response to some of the videos shown on national television.

Garakara said his latest compilation was just the beginning of greater things to come through his music and videos.

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