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Rank Zimbabwe: providing all your stationery needs


Rank Zimbabwe which is located in a quiet corner on 108 Coventry Road in Workington Harare is the largest stationery warehouse in Zimbabwe.

Rank has a range of over 750 products from books, pencils, bond paper, maths sets, calculators, pens, markers, files as well as office furniture. It is truly your one-stop shop for stationery and accessories.

It has a personnel base of over 90 people and a 17-vehicle fleet. Rank sources its products from the Far East and South Africa but the company’s focus is on increasing its manufacturing base and outsourcing to local companies.

The company exports its locally manufactured products to Mozambique and Zambia and will soon capitalise on Zimbabwe’s growing economy and become a powerhouse within the southern Africa region.

The company has its own manufacturing plant producing scholastic products such as Merit exercise books, Lotus rulers and the Kian range of paper products such as counter books and bookkeeping practise books.

Rank also has 22 plastic injection moulding machines that produce lunch boxes, cool drink bottles and a variety of plastic homeware.

In addition, Rank provides a wide range of paper products to the printing industry and is one of the main agents for Sappi paper mills in Zimbabwe. It is the largest distributor of Typek bond paper in the country.

Rank is the only cash and carry warehouse focused solely on stationery and paper products in the whole of southern Africa.

Rank Zimbabwe was initially started in 1970 as a general wholesale company focussed on the grocery market in Zimbabwe.

In 1995, Rank decided to focus on the stationery and plastic markets in line with its key competitive advantages.

The decision to focus on stationery was based on a drive to develop the education sector in Zimbabwe and Rank has long-standing relationships with nearly all primary and secondary educational institutions in Zimbabwe.

Rank is now the leading stationery supplier in Zimbabwe, distributing directly to offices and businesses as well as to the leading retail chains.
—Compiled by Rank Zimbabwe

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