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“I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.”

It was with this declaration and attitude that Ronald Reagan began his first term as President of the United States of America.

During the festive season, I watched a BBC insert on the village called Iten in Kenya. It is a
village that has produced Olympic champions in athletics for Kenya.

In the village is a school called St Patrick’s High and in the school grounds stands an area ringed with trees.

A tree is planted each time an Iten graduate wins gold. It is pretty crowded and is aptly called, Iten’s field of dreams because it has produced, over the last 30 years, world-class long-distance athletes and is preferred by many promising Kenyan runners.

According to the programme and Wikipedia, some of the alumni include Ibrahim Hussein, winner of three Boston Marathons and one New York City Marathon; Peter Rono, a 1988 Olympic gold medallist at 1 500 metres; Wilson Boit Kipketer, a 1997 world champion and 2000 Olympic silver medallist in the
3 000-metre steeplechase.

A new calendar year has commenced for us all. For many, it simply represents another page on the calendar but for some, it is a time to either continue a great journey that one commenced years ago or to start one.

A weakness we all share is this ability to attend conference after conference, listen to speaker after speaker, and read book after book without ever transforming ideas in to action.

Zimbabweans in their generality will quote Martin Luther King, Steven Covey, Peter Drucker or Paul J Meyer without once acting like them.

We will admire Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Carlos Sim and yet shy away from following in their footsteps.

I know that statement is a tad unfair; there are millions of Americans doing the same thing. The difference is that the Americans believe in a thing called The American Dream and it drives many a potential young rap star, ballet dancer, engineer, scientist, street cleaner, junior manager and budding entrepreneur.

Like the young school boys at Iten High School in the highlands of Kenya, pun fully intended, they have a belief in that distant goal that they visualise to the point where they can almost touch it.

As you begin the new year, what is your Zimbabwean dream? How long have you nurtured it in your bosom? It is time to implement.

Innerzela is all about inspiration and discipline: the concept that you can birth an idea in your mind and see it to fruition in your lifetime with focus, a light-a-candle-instead-of-cursing-the-darkness-attitude and yes, those books, conferences and dvds to help you along the way.

For starters, I would suggest you get yourself a diary and you fill the first few January pages with a vivid description of what you want to achieve, how you will set about doing that, which allies you will need and how you will face up to potential speed humps.

We will discuss this and more in 2011.

There is an African saying, whose origins I am not sure of. It goes: “In Africa, when an antelope wakes up it says, ‘I must run faster than the fastest lion to survive.’ The lion wakes up and says ‘I must run faster than the slowest antelope if I am going to survive.’ So in Africa, when you wake up, you’d better start running!”

There is a difference between dreams and fantasy. My fantasy right now is to get a call from a brand new Liverpool manager who will sign me up as a striker.

After all, I used to score on a regular basis for the church team eons ago! I will then lead Liverpool storming up the Premiership table and we will win the league and go on to dominate for five years before I finally retire.

Do not fantasise; get real and choose something easier like running for President and winning a free and fair election in 2011.

That is in the realm of possibility and when you have a vivid dream, you will find that you will truly never walk alone.

I wish allInnerzela readers, I wish you health, wealth and happiness in 2011.

Albert Gumbo is a change agent and you can reach him on gumbo.albert@gmail.com

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