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Was blind musician Munodawafa duped?


Popular musician Munyaradzi Munodawafa has not undergone the eye surgery promised by a local recording studio, NewsDay has learnt.

Sources who preferred anonymity said they were surprised Munodawafa had not yet gone to the United States for an operation as promised by his producer, Allen Dzobo of Artisan Studios.

Dzobo last year organised a successful gospel concert to raise money to fund Munodawafa’s eye surgery in the US which was graced by top South African musicians Uche and Lundi and attracted a large crowd.

The sources from musical circles, who refused to be named, said Dzobo was not being true to his promise as he had done nothing after the gospel concert to help Munodawafa go for eye surgery abroad.

However, Dzobo refuted the allegations and said he was still doing everything possible to help Munodawafa fully regain his eyesight.

“Help for Munya is there and the only problem that is hindering progress to his surgery is his visa,” said Dzobo.

“If he continues to have problems to get his visa, done it would end up frustrating those organisations which had pledged to donate for the operation.”

Dzobo said Air Zimbabwe had already pledged an air ticket for Munodawafa, and there were also people who had pledged to pay the doctor who was going to perform the surgery.

He said the perception that he had made a lot of money during the gospel concert were not really true as he had incurred a lot of expenses after the show.
“It is not true that I have not been doing anything to assist Munya.

“I am prepared to help him and right now he is even staying at my house. I gave Munya some money after the show,” said Dzobo.

Contacted to comment on the issue, Munodawafa confirmed he had not yet undergone the eye surgery as promised.

“I have not yet been offered the kind of help I was promised and am still waiting to be informed of any progress with my eye surgery.

“The operation is so minor that it can take about ten minutes, but the problem is that it is very expensive and that is why I need that assistance,” said Munodawafa.

He, however, refuted claims that he was staying at Dzobo’s house and said he was in Masvingo where he lived at a township called Sisk. Munodawafa said he was waiting for those who had pledged to help him to honour their pledges because as soon as he received the funds, the visa issue would not take time to resolve.

“The doctor who is to perform the surgery, David Glarsen, is still waiting for confirmation that I am ready for the operation, but I cannot do that as long as I have not yet been given the funds to pay for the surgery,” Munodawafa said.

Munodawafa rose to fame at five years when he was still partially blind and surprised Zimbabweans with his tune, Shandisa Chipo Chako and his rare keyboard skills.

He later won a scholarship to the US in 2000 where he completed high school and had eye surgery to correct his blindness before returning to Zimbabwe.

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