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Boy (14) allegedly sodomises 15


Parents in Mabvuku, including political and social leaders, Friday converged at the house of a 14-year-old boy (name supplied) baying for his blood after he allegedly sodomised 15 children.

A report was made to the police who said they were “waiting for results of the medical tests on some of the alleged victims”.

The angry parents demanded that the juvenile be ostracised from society.

They said the boy was also questioned by police on allegations of raping his step-sister sometime ago.

When NewsDay visited Mabvuku yesterday, more than 50 people were at the homestead where “victims” narrated how they were made to play the “Tsholotsho game” (sodomy).

During interviews the victims said the “Tsholotsho game” would take place when they were sent to fetch grass and the boy would lead them to a pool of water where they were encouraged to swim.

The juvenile then took advantage of their nudity to sodomise them.

“He would ask us to swim then he would carry out his act on us,” one the alleged victims said.

The matter, according to a grandmother of one of the victims, came to light when her five-year-old grandson was taking a bath.

She alleged that the boy had difficulty sitting and had wounds on the forehead.

After he was quizzed, he confessed that he had been sodomised by the suspect who used force, leading to him falling down and injuring himself in the process.

“He told me he was sexually abused after he was forced to sleep face downwards by the suspect. He said the suspect threatened that if he dared expose him, he would be attacked by his ‘cat-like’ teeth,” the grandmother said.

“You can talk to all the victims and they will explain to you how it happened.”

The accused boy told NewsDay that he was “not liked in society” hence the fabrication of “false allegations”.

He however later admitted engaging in sexual escapades with “some of the boys”.

Asked why 15 people would level such accusations against him, the boy started crying and confessed, narrrating how he started the acts of sodomy.

“I used to go and sleep next door with my friends. We would take turns to have sex and that is how it started.

As for sodomising others at the dam, I did it but had my shorts on while they were naked,” he said.

“Last time I was also accused of raping my sister and was reported to the police but no evidence was produced,” he said.

His stepfather said he was not happy with his stepson’s behaviour and said he no longer wanted to stay with him.

“What I can say is that he has to be removed from this society. That is why there is Chikurubi (Maximum Prison) for people like him,” he said.

The boy’s mother was said to have gone to work.
Children’s rights activists who were present at the scene said the police were protecting the abusive boy.

Even the political leadership in the area said action had to be taken to ensure the boy was removed from society. Former councillor and Zanu PF leader in the area Elliot Mahara said the matter was weird and worrisome to society and action had to be taken.

“I am not happy with what has happened in the area.

People are angry with this boy and for the police to let him come and face angry people is risky. He has to be removed from society,” he said.

“We really have to cleanse this area and get rid of such actions. We can’t have this deplorable sodomy game continue,” he said.

Fortune Rego of the Child Protection Unit in Mabvuku said he was not happy with the action of the police who had professed ignorance on the matter.

Cecilia Masekereya, of Shingirai Trust also said action had to be taken to stop this kind of behaviour in society and police had to investigate the matter. “We reported to the police and they said the victims had to go for medical tests and counselling.”

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