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20 years’ jail for raping 4-year-old stepdaughter


A 27-year-old Chinamhora man will rue the day he laid his hands on his four-year-old stepdaughter after he was slapped with a 20-year jail term for rape.

Silent Nhamburo of Parirewa village in Chinamhora was committed to an effective 18-year jail term by regional magistrate Simon Rogers Kachambwa who suspended two years from the total sentence for a period of five years on condition of good behaviour.

Nhamburo, who was described by Kachambwa as a person of bestial behaviour, pleaded guilty to ravaging the four-year-old girl once although the girl had reported to the police that he abused her on several occasions.

Prosecutor Valerie Ngoma accepted Nhamburo’s partial plea and urged the court in aggravation to impose a lengthy custodial sentence on him saying he had abused the trust that was bestowed upon him.

Ngoma said Nhamburo’s moral blameworthiness was very high as he was the girl’s guardian and stood as the father figure to his stepdaughter.

In passing sentence Kachambwa said Nhamburo’s character could only be equated to that of animals.

“I can only describe him (Nhamburo) as an animal which has no respect whether the passive partner is his own offspring. No doubt the complainant was traumatised by his actions,” Kachambwa said.

According to the state case sometime last month on a day which the girl could not remember but in the afternoon, Nhamburo raped the girl while his sick wife was sleeping outside the house.

Nhamburo is said to have raped the girl in the bedroom and threatened her with assault if she reported him to her mother.

On the other occasion during the night Nhamburo is said to have been sleeping on the same bed with the girl and his sick wife when he raped the girl after realising that his wife had fallen asleep.

The court heard that it then became Nhamburo’s habit that each time his wife was away he would abuse the girl.

The matter only came to light last week when the girl’s mother noticed a yellowish discharge from the girl’s private parts which prompted her to visit the clinic where she was advised to interview the girl as the nurses suspected sexual abuse.

The girl’s mother is said to have interviewed her daughter who disclosed that her stepfather had been abusing her.

On Monday this week, the girl’s mother reported the matter to the police, leading to Nhamburo’s arrest.

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