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Motorists resist number plates change


A showdown looms between government and motorists as many have apparently decided to defy a directive to have their vehicles registered with new number plates.

The deadline for the phasing out of old number plates was December 31 but many vehicles are still running with the old plates at least in and around the Harare Central Business District.

Although Secretary for Transport, Communication and Infrastructural Development, Partson Mbiriri insisted those who fail to comply risked having their vehicles impounded, motorists on Monday said the move was “unnecessary”.

Mbiriri recently said there would be no extension on the deadline.

“All motorists should comply. Those who do not comply risk having their vehicles impounded and we will have to enforce that,” Mbiriri said.

Motorists said: “$160 per set of new number plates is a lot of money and it is quite obvious that the true production cost of the plates is probably less than 10% of this price.

“The point is that if this programme is deemed to be of national importance, surely government would have found a way to make the changeover easier and more cost-effective”.

Another concerned motorist said the price of new number plates was beyond the reach of most civil servants.

“New vehicle plates are expensive. Did the authorities consider civil servants? Can anyone explain how they come to that figure of $160?”

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