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Corruption at Mbare Musika riles councillors


Harare city councillors are extremely worried with levels of corruption at Mbare Musika and various other market stalls around the city amid indications fake receipt books were being used, thereby prejudicing the cash-strapped municipality of thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

During the last full council meeting, councillors fumed and demanded immediate action against those caught on the wrong side of the law.

Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda said it was imperative for investigations to be launched to ensure council was on top of the situation.

“We have to make sure we bring in foot soldiers to monitor the situation and be on top. It is imperative that we have foot soldiers to make sure there are no cases of corruption at the market,” Masunda said.

Councillor Panganayi Charumbira recently visited to the market early in the morning and was surprised at what he discovered.

“I found out it was not the right way to operate and individuals were benefiting at the market at the expense of the council,” Charumbira said.

“Your Worship, you have to go there incognito and find out for yourself the rot at the market.

“You can just go there early in the morning and find out for yourself what is happening. Buses are avoiding going through the barrier to pay council and pick up people from outside.

“Council police are probably making a killing, and that has to be investigated.”

This year’s council minutes were occupied with cases of rampant corruption in council schools and markets, leaving the authority unable to fulfil its mandate.

The city council this year alone has been dogged with financial problems with Masunda saying his council was owed close to $140 million in unpaid bills by residents, government and the corporate world.

Just last week, a council treasury official was in the dock facing charges of corruption.

Councillor Friday Muleya said some council directors were developing a habit of recycling “thieves” who would have stolen from other departments and giving them jobs in other areas.

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