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Antipas — new kid on the block


Courtney Antipas also known as “ill Ceey” is one of the latest faces of Zimbabwean hip-hop holding down the fresh and upcoming urban clothing label 729 Apparel on his back.

Hailing from the streets of Braeside in Harare, Antipas started his hip-hop career in 2004 on a low note and it was not until 2009 when he released his hot single Blue Jeans off the mix tape Grindology 1.0 that his road to success began.

“Through the mix tape word spread around the country about me, with one of my biggest songs to date titled Harare that took the local hip-hop scene by storm, especially through blogs such as greedysouth.blogspot.com where it was constantly in the top five local hip-hop tracks,” said Antipas.

He said he was happy about the frequent airplay for most of his tracks on local radio stations and he believed what made him stand out from the rest was his diversity on the microphone.

From his flow, to his lyrical content, this artist has the ability to take the listener on a picture-perfect journey through each of his songs.

“My lyrical content is far from being limited to the usual hip-hop tales, but varies enabling all music lovers from all walks of life, age, colour or gender to be captivated by my fresh, yet honest approach to writing music,” he said.

Antipas said his music was truly a breath of fresh air and exactly what needed to be presented on the international scene as proudly Zimbabwean.

He recently released an album titled Legacy with a song titled Blue Jeans which was played every Saturday night in this year’s Big Brother All-Stars house.

He also got the opportunity to showcase his talent earlier this year in the capital when he was the opening performer at the Brick and Lace show where he left audience wowed by his flow and watching this artist perform was just as captivating as his music is.
“I’m very much honoured to also have been featured on international blogs such as indiehiphop.com and afro-mp3.com,” he said.

Other songs from his latest offering include Kinda like Hot (Part2), Does it to Me featuring Kazz of UK-based Zimbabwean artistes, Bkay n Kazz and also Class in Session which features Tehn Diamond, Tags and Tek Neek.

Without being over the top, he allows his energy to be channelled through his persona with a type of swagger that is unmatched by many out there.

“I aspire to be a positive role model through my music and actions and I opt to be involved in helping young Zimbabwean artists realise their potential,” said Antipas.

He said with the idea of not looking at what you can’t do but rather what you can in order to help out the disadvantaged in African societies, his desire was to spearhead a culture of Africans helping Africans.

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